Cats I once had

Scarface Max the Enforcer maintains the cat hierarchy.

Moose is Max's 17 pound bodyguard. He likes to beat up the neighbor's Great Dane.

Snowball never learned to cover her poop.

Powerball prefers the neighbor's fresh salmon to our dry cat food.

Miss Pudge eats at home, then throws up in the food dish.

Needlenose likes to bring lizards and frogs in the house to play with, then leaves the head for us to step on with bare feet.

Sweety Pie prefers to play with snakes.

OK that's 9, but we gave away Moose, and after we got the 2 kittens Peacey and Funnyface, Powerball decided he likes living at the neighbor's house instead. Funnyface is the only one left as of 2017.

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