IQ test

Are you smarter than a computer? Can you answer the following 10 questions without help from a computer?

  1. Memory test: read the following one million digits and then recite them back from memory.
  2. Input/output speed (timed test): copy the above million digits as fast as you can.
  3. Attention to detail (timed test): How many of the 200000 groups of 5 digits are in strictly descending order (for example, 98520)?
  4. Arithmetic (timed test): How many teaspoons in a cubic parsec?
  5. Visual comprehension: What is this?
  6. Reading comprehension: Ki sa tradiksyon an Islandè pawòl Bondye a Galisyen intelixencia?
  7. General knowledge: What is the median household income in Leupp, Arizona according to the 2000 U.S. Census?
  8. General knowledge: What is composite hemangioendothelioma?
  9. Spatial reasoning: What is the length of the fastest route by car from Sliven, Bulgaria to Laggarberg, Timrċ, Sweden?
  10. Problem solving: What is the largest number that occurs in the first million decimal digits of π that is also a product of exactly three prime numbers?
    (For example, 41592653 = 19 x 43 x 50909 occurs in the first 9 digits).