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2009 Wickham Park Marathon and 50, 100, and 200 Mile Race Photos

52 runners started the race at 7:30 AM, May 24, 2009. Of those, 32 finished the marathon and 9 of those finished 50 miles, making them eligible to continue. Of those, 5 started the second 50 miles stage and only Joe Ninke and Jeff Stephens finished. Only Joe ran the last 2 stages. The course is a 3.75 mile loop. Complete results.

More photos by Michael Sherard (first day).

Cheryl Lager's attempt to be the first female winner of the fake pebble (100 miles) was foiled by a sore iliotibial band after 22 miles on day 2.

Jim Schroeder missed the 12 hour and 30 minute cutoff for the first 50 mile stage by 90 seconds.

Richard Burrell won the fake pebble last year, but had trouble with the heat this year and dropped after 26 miles on day 2. He says he will be back during the next ice age.

Joe Ninke won the fake pebble this year in a course record 20:16:05. He is smiling now but still has another 100 miles to run in the next 2 days.

Jeff Stephens was second in the 100 in 24:27:49. Sorry, no fake pebble for you.

Jeff ran the first 45 miles barefoot. His splits were 12:12 + 12:14, proving that the extra weight of your shoes slows you down.

Joe Ninke begins day 4. All of the following photos were taken on the second lap. (The time stamps are 1 hour fast because I forgot to set my camera to daylight savings time).

Joe Ninke and Scott Maxwell. Scott won a 50 mile race in Ohio on Saturday, then ran 24 miles here on Tuesday (stage 3) and is back for more.

On top of Soccerfield Ridge (1.1 miles).

Shiggy Lane

Sahara Street

By the fourth day Lake Armageddon (mile 2) was drying up and just a mud puddle.

I carefully set all hurdles at regulation height for the 200M.

I also arranged for periodic foot washing stations to get the mud off your shoes.

See, here is another one.

Joe Ninke and Scott Maxwell enjoy South Sahara Street with clean feet.

A skunk lives somewhere in these bushes near mile 3. So far nobody got sprayed.

157 miles down, 43 to go.

Joe Ninke wearing his "ice cape" for the hot part of the day. He made it from a polyester shirt by sewing 5 pockets that drape around the shoulders and one for the top of the head. He filled them with ice cubes each lap. (Photo by Brad Baker).

Joe Ninke (center) about to finish 200 miles, accompanined by Dave Hernandez (left) and George Haddad (right).

Joe Ninke crosses the finish line. (Photo by Steve Szabo).

Joe Ninke won the fake rock with a new course record of 42:43:13. Large version of photo.

I present the award.